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ATOM™ demonstration

ATOM™ demonstrates how energy-effient rebellions NPU is compared to a GPU. The latest white paper on our AI chip, ATOMᵀᴹ, has been released:

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Rebellions paper has been accepted at ISSCC 2024

Our co-founder and CTO, Dr. Jinwook Oh, has successfully presented a paper along with our real-time demonstration.

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Product Roadmap

Get ready to embark on a journey that will reshape the future and inspire change. Stay tuned for the grand reveal.

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Korean AI chipmaker Rebellions Closes $124M Series B Fundraise

Securing a $124M Investment Amidst Startup Winter, Rebellions Achieves more than $200M in Total Funding, the Largest Among Semiconductor Startups in South Korea

  • ATOM™

    5nm Versatile Inference SoC

    Versatile yet Energy Efficient
    AI System-on-Chip

  • ION™

    AI Compute Core NPU

    Compute Granule that Brings
    Maximum Flexibility and Energy Efficiency

  • ATOM™

    5nm Versatile Inference SoC

    Versatile yet Energy Efficient

  • ION™

    AI Compute Core NPU

    Compute granule that brings
    maximum flexibility and energy efficiency

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White Paper
White Paper: ATOM™ Architecture
ISSCC 2024
ATOMUS: A 5nm 32 TFLOPS/128 TOPS ML System-on-Chip for Latency Critical Applications
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Unveil the potential of Generative AI, where innovation merges with algorithms to revolutionize content creation and creativity.

Discovering seamless LLM wih AI chips

Exploring how Accelerated AI for LLM transforms communication and comprehension

Enjoy the enhanced quality supported by our advanced AI chips, ensuring effortless understanding and problem-solving.

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Tailoring solutions for tomorrow's challenges

Discover the art of the seamless integration within Generative AI, as rebellions shapes industries by customizing AI inference chips to diverse needs, ushering in a new era of massive compute.