Innovation Chronicles

Day One

Year 2020. From the bustling streets of NYC to the heart of Seoul, where tech dreams collided with the innovative spirit of Korea.
Rebellions emerged, sparking a journey fueled by audacious dreams and lightning-fast decisions, setting the stage for a revolution in the making.

Building Teams and Dreams

A gathering of minds, each a star in their own right, brought together not just by expertise but by shared passion.
Here, ideas take flight at supersonic speeds, transforming into groundbreaking projects that rewrite the rules and challenge the status quo.

Market Debut

Enter our latest creation: a global sensation in the world of Batch One Latency. Crafted with cutting-edge 5nm technology and guided by generative AI. Not just a benchmark; a real-world marvel, redefining what's possible for our actual customers and the industry.
May 2023 marked its triumphant entry into markets worldwide, setting the bar higher than ever before.

Day One Again, Now Global

From Seoul to New York, San Jose, Tokyo, Singapore, and beyond, we expanded our footprint. As the torchbearer of South Korea's AI semiconductor industry, we've achieved remarkable growth in just three short years. The future holds even more significant and faster growth for Rebellions.