Korean AI Chipmaker Rebellions Unveils Mass-Production-Ready ‘ATOM’ at ISSCC 2024, setting new standards for AI acceleration

  • Rebellions presented its ML SoC ‘ATOM’, set for mass production in H1 2024, at ISSCC 2024 alongside industry giants
  • As South Korea’s sole AI chipmaker at ISSCC, Rebellions featured ATOM’s real-world capabilities, excelling in energy efficiency

[Seoul, February 20, 2024] Rebellions, a pioneering AI Chipmaker from South Korea, marked its debut for the foremost global forum in the industry, with a paper on the competitiveness of its advanced ML SoC ‘ATOM’ and presented the first-ever demonstration of its product.

The International Solid-Sate Circuits Conference (ISSCC) is a leading global forum for presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and systems-on-a-chip. At session no.2 held on 19th February, focusing on ‘Processors and Communication SoCs’, Rebellions stood alongside industry giants such as MediaTek, AMD, and Intel, demonstrating its technological prowess.

This achievement distinguishes Rebellions as the only South Korean AI Chipmaker to be featured at the prestigious conference of this year, showcasing ATOM’s technical capabilities as a tangible and production-ready chip, moving beyond theoretical efficiency and performance.

The paper has detailed Rebellions’ technological emphasis on developing ATOM, a latency-focused ML SoC. It highlighted key features of ATOM’s architecture, including flexible AI compute core, on-chip network, and memory architecture. ATOM was also presented in its first demonstration, where it proved superior energy efficiency over current GPUs in processing large language models and text-to-image tasks.

“This is a very meaningful moment for Rebellions, as we have demonstrated the energy efficiency and performance of our product ATOM. It’s not just about potential anymore; we’re presenting its readiness to the tech industry and academia all around the world.” Said Dr. Jinwook Oh, CTO of Rebellions.