Rebellions NPUs


Shaping the Future of Gen AI

The emergence of LLMs presents a unique opportunity for our team to make a lasting impact. In the evolving landscape of Generative AI, our next-generation chip, REBEL, stands as a game-changer.
Designed with chiplet architecture, exceptional latency, and remarkable energy efficiency, REBEL is a superlative choice for the Gen AI market.
Enhanced further by HBM3E technology support, this chip sets new standards in AI processing power.
Without a doubt, REBEL stands as the epitome of best-in-class AI chips, catering to the distinctive needs of Generative AI.


Redefining Datacenter Efficiency with Accelerative AI

Following the triumphant reception of our inaugural product, we've expanded our horizons and developed a cutting-edge datacenter inference AI chip, essential for businesses and cloud service providers. Backed by impressive global benchmark(MLperf™ v3.0) results, this product addresses the critical needs of the datacenter industry. Starting from 2023, our innovative solution accelerates transformer models with unparalleled latency, paving the way for datacenter commercialization on a global scale.
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Elevating HFT Market Performance

At ION™, we firmly believe that the High-Frequency Trading (HFT) market can truly make a difference with just 1 microsecond of improved performance. Fueled by this conviction, our dedicated team embarked on a journey that led to the creation and launch of our groundbreaking product, ION™, specifically tailored for the finance industry. Within just one year of our team's inception, we introduced this powerful solution to the market, marking a significant milestone in our pursuit of technological excellence.
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Explosive expansion on compute and external memory

64x DNCs

(4x chiplet)

  • 175B+ LLM acceleration
  • Samsung 4nm EUV
  • HBM3E 144GB (4.8TB/sec)
16x DNCs


  • CXL-based PNM/PIM

(1x chiplet)

  • sLLM acceleration
  • Samsung 4nm EUV
  • HBM3E 36GB (1.2TB/sec)
8x DNCs

ATOM™ Plus
(high perf)

(low power)

  • BERT, Vision Transformers, 7B+ generative AI
  • Samsung 5nm EUV (Mass in 4Q 2023)
  • PCle gen5 64GB/s, GDDR6 256GB/s


2021~2023 2024 2025 2026

* DNC (Dual Neural Core) : Our fundamental design granule for multiple product lines. This proprietary IP is continually maintained, updated and patented by Rebellions' DNC team.